Vorkath - Gear, Mechanics, Strategy and Rewards

After completing the "Dragon Slayer II" quest, you can continuously re-fight Vorkath for the chance of valuable rewards and a pet drop. Vorkath (Level-732) and an undead dragon with an arsenal of powerful attacks and devastating special attacks can easily one-hit players.

But if you can brunt through Vorkath's high-offensive capabilities, you'll find that Vorkath is one of the most rewarding bosses to camp at in Old School RuneScape.

Vorkath Gear Setups

Vorkath itself fights with every combat style in Old School RuneScape. However, it only stays in one spot, so if you fight with a distanced setup, it will resort to only attacking with Ranged, Magic, and Dragonfire. While that is not much different from its normal attacks, it saves you from worrying about Melee attacks unless you use a Melee setup.

Ultimately, there are three different strategies that you can employ to be able to kill Vorkath: Elite Void, Maxed Ranged w/DHC, or Maxed Melee w/DHL efficiently.

Elite Void vs. Maxed Ranged vs. Maxed Melee

Elite Void is considered one of the most reliable setups to kill Vorkath. It doesn't require millions of gp like Maxed Ranged/Melee, and you are granted the additional damage and accuracy bonuses to help speed up the fight.

However, Elite Void does not have as high defensive stats as Masori or Torva, so you are effectively a glass cannon. Additionally, you can wear a Salve Amulet (ie) for additional offensive bonuses against undead creatures (which Vorkath counts as such).

The fact that Vorkath is considered undead means that using Elite Void with a Salve Amulet (ie) is often considered better than even a Maxed Ranged/Melee setup. That is because unless you have the absolute best-in-slot items for Ranged/Melee, the DPS output when using Elite Void/Salve Amulet (ie).

But if you have BIS Ranged (i.e., full Masori, Zaryte Vambraces) or BIS Melee (i.e. full Torva, Infernal Cape), it is valid to use that instead of Elite Void, especially since it can instead be paired with an Imbued Slayer Helm when on a Blue Dragon Slayer Task.

Using A Ranged Setup

If you are primarily using Ranged combat for the fight, your other equipment slots should include your best Ranged equipment, such as Ava's Device, Archer's Ring (i)/Venator Ring, Pegasian Boots/Blessed D'Hide Boots, and a Twisted Buckler/Dragonfire Ward/Dragonfire Shield.

As for your weapon, while using a Toxic Blowpipe can work in a pinch, having the additional defense with a shield and crossbow combination will make your trips last much longer. Therefore, you should use your best crossbow (Dragon Hunter, Zaryte, Armadyl, Dragon, etc.) and Enchanted Diamond/Ruby Bolts.

The Dragon Hunter Crossbow is considered the best weapon to kill Vorkath as it is a Dragonbane weapon (which gives an additional 30% Accuracy and 25% Damage when fighting Draconic creatures).

Using A Melee Setup

Much like using Ranged, all other equipment slots should have the best Melee-based gear that you have, like an Infernal Cape/Fire Cape, Ultor Ring/Berserker's (i) Ring, Primordial Boots, Avernic/Dragon Defender. Also, because you do not need to have a Ranged gear switch (assuming you are solely using Melee), you can use the extra inventory slots for a special weapon like the Voidwaker or Dragon Claws.

The best Melee weapon to use against Vorkath is the Dragon Hunter Lance, which is also considered a Dragonbane weapon like its crossbow counterpart. However, like other dragons, Vorkath has lowered defenses against Stab-based weapons, so you can also use an Osmumten's Fang, Ghrazi Rapier, or Zamarakian Hasta, which will still be effective.

Inventory Setups

Regardless of your chosen combat style, your inventory setup will still look relatively the same. Be sure to bring an Extended Super Antifire Potion, an Antivenom++, A Super Combat/Ranging Potion, and around 1-2 Prayer Potions.

You will also want to bring a Slayer's Staff and a Rune Pouch with Law, Dust, and Chaos Runes. This will be used to quickly cast Crumble Undead against the Zombified Spawn that appears during the fight while providing runes for the House Teleport spell between trips.

If you are using Elite Void, it is advised to bring the Void Melee Helm, along with a Bandos Godsword/Dragon Warhammer and a few Melee-boosting items. At the start of each fight, this will be used to lower Vorkath's defense, drastically making each fight easier.

The rest of your inventory should be filled with high-healing food, such as Anglerfish and Manta Rays/Karambwans.

Getting To Vorkath

Vorkath can be reached from a boat on the piers in Rellekka. The easiest way to consistently reach here is to have a Teleport Portal in your Player-Owned House (POH) that is linked directly to Waterbirth Island. Here, you can teleport to your house, go through the Waterbirth Island portal, and quickly head to Rellekka and Vorkath.

Alternatively, some dedicated PvMers will move their house to Rellekka and use House teleports to reach there without running through Waterbirth Island.

Another option is to use the Fremennik Boots 4, attained after completing the Elite Tier Fremennik Achievement Diary, to teleport to Rellekka an unlimited number of times per day. However, this will mean you are wasting an entire inventory slot for teleports when that can already be accomplished through a Rune Pouch that serves multiple purposes.

Fight Strategy

When you're ready to fight Vorkath, you can enter the icy arena (Vorkath will not attack unless you poke it). Drink a dose of your potions, wear your Melee gear and special attack weapon, and turn your run off.

Set your Quick Prayers to Rigour and Protect from Range (however, different prayers will be used during the opening attack). Also, be sure to set the Crumble Undead spell on your Slayer's Staff (this will make things much easier later on).

Opening Attack

Activate Piety and Protection from Ranged, and activate your Special Attack Bar and Poke Vorkath. Use all of your special attacks with your BGS or DWH to hit and drain some of Vorkath's stats as soon as you can. Then, quickly step back, equip your Ranged gear, activate your Quick Prayers, and start attacking Vorkath.

If you were unsuccessful in dealing damage on Vorkath through your special attacks, it is okay to teleport out, recharge your Special Attack energy, and start again.

Vorkath's Special Attacks

Vorkath has a number of special attacks that you will need to look out for during the fight. They will occur after every fourth regular attack and are visibly different from its regular attacks.

Vorkath Special AttacksHow To React
Mortar Dragonfire Attack (An orange fireball is launched from the air, slowly plummeting towards you)Move two or more spaces away from where you are currently standing.
Pink Dragonfire Attack (All of your prayers will be deactivated when it hits)Click on your Quick Prayers to reactivate your prayers.
Acid Attack (Acid spits from Vorkath’s mouth scattered in the area, followed by Vorkath doing a spitfire attack against you)Calmly walk between the open spaces of the pools of acid to avoid being hit by the spitfire attack. This is the move that kills most players.
Ice Attack & Zombified Spawn (Vorkath freezes you in place, followed by a Zombie Spawn being deployed. It will begin to crawl towards you from afar)Equip your Slayer’s Staff and attack the Zombified Spawn before it reaches you. With Crumble Undead set on it, it should be killed instantly, unfreezing you.

Aside from these attacks, Vorkath can also inflict Venom and deal high-hitting Dragonfire damage, so be sure to keep an eye on your potion timers and take a dose whenever needed.

Eventually, you will begin to learn each attack and kill Vorkath in no time!

Possible Rewards From Vorkath

After defeating Vorkath, it will return to its sleep, and you can pick up the drops! As mentioned, Vorkath offers one of the most valuable loot tables in Old School RuneScape, ranging from valuable Herbs, Rune/Dragon items, Seeds, and much more! Each drop from Vorkath, on average, is worth around 150k.

Vorkath's drop mechanic differs slightly from other bosses in providing two drops per kill, meaning each drop is effectively rolled twice. For example, a single Vorkath drop can be two Superior Dragon Bones, two Blue Dragonhides, one Dragon platelegs, and 700 Chaos Runes.

Notable Drops From Vorkath:

ItemsDrop Rate
(2) Superior Dragon Bones & (2) Blue Dragonhide100%
Dragon Battleaxe/Longsword/Platelegs/Plateskirt1/75
(25-30) Onyx Bolt Tips1/370
Elite Clue Scroll1/65
Vorkath's Head1/50
Dragonbane Necklace1/1000
Jar of Decay1/3000
Vorki (Vorkath Pet)1/3000
Draconic Visage1/5000
Skeletal Visage1/5000

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