3 Low-Level Money Making Methods (2024)


You're fresh off Tutorial Island, or maybe your bank was wiped, and you're looking to build up the amount of gp again. What now?

In Old School RuneScape, there are thousands of different ways to earn GP. While many of the high-level methods involve investing millions of GP into combat gear or already having an established account, a handful of methods can be done at early levels and can still earn you hundreds of thousands of GP per hour.

Completing Laps of the Agility Pyramid (200k gp/hr)

Requiring 30 Agility to access, you can complete laps of the Agility Pyramid to earn upwards of 35k Agility exp/hr while earning nearly 200k gp/hr.

From Shantay's Pass, head through the Kharidian Desert all the way to the Agility Pyramid by Sophanem. Note that the desert heat will always damage you, so it may be wise to collect a Waterskin from one of the nearby shops for a few gp.

The goal of the Agility Pyramid is to pass through the different obstacles and scale the pyramid until you reach the top. From there, collect the Pyramid Top at the very top of the pyramid and take the exit back to the bottom.

These Pyramid Tops can then be given to Simon Templeton for 10k each. If you'd like, you can take the 10k GP you earned for Desert Robes, more Waterskins, and Food so you can survive in the desert longer for more efficient runs.

Continue climbing the Agility Pyramid, collecting the Pyramid Tops, and giving to Simon Templeton for a consistent 200k gp/hr.

As you level your Agility, it may be worth eventually getting a full Graceful Set to make your runs more efficient.

Creating Teleport To House Tablets (350k gp/hr)

Players who want to train their Magic level while making a decent profit can make teleportation tablets in a Player-Owned House (POH). You can create Teleport to House tablets to earn the best profit.

To do this money-making method, you will need at least 40 Magic. While wielding a Staff of Air, your inventory will have Law Runes and Earth Runes, and the rest of your inventory slots will be filled with Soft Clay.

You must use at least a Mahogany Eagle Lectern in your POH. However, if you do not have one, you can use another player's Lectern in their POH (go to World 330 to visit one of the many house parties at the Rimmington POH portal).

From here, the process is simple: go to the Lectern to create the House Teleport tabs, then teleport to a bank to pick up more Soft Clay, and return to the POH to create more. Alternatively, you can bring a stack of gp and all of your Soft Clay in note format to be unnoted by Phials in the General Store in Rimmington.

Once you made your House Teleport tablets, you can sell them all on the Grand Exchange. Doing this method is fairly AFK and can earn you around 350k gp/hr, along with 33k Magic exp/hr.

Making Guthix Rests (800k gp/hr)

With only 18 Herblore and the completion of the "One Small Favour" quest, players can make Guthix Rests for more than 800k gp/hr.

While this method can require a bit of an upfront gp investment to collect all the supplies, it is well worth it in the long run. Players can even choose to make them in small batches to earn a footing.

To make a Guthix Rest, you will need a Cup of Hot Water, two Guam Leaves, one Marrentill, and one Harralander. Start with your Cup of Hot Water, using each of the herbs to make a Guthix Rest, which sells for around 4k on the Grand Exchange.

It is worth noting that you must add the exact amount of herbs to make it correctly. Otherwise, it will go bad. Be sure to carefully add the Guam Leaves, Marrentill, and Harralander each time.

As you make Guthix Rests, they will be created in 3 doses, similar to other potions. Before you sell them, take them to Bob Barter the Decanter at the Grand Exchange to decant them all into 4-dose Guthix Rests for maximum profit.

Making Guthix Rests consistently can earn you around 800k gp/hr and around 30k Herblore exp/hr, making this a decent method to train Herblore at a low level.

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